Essential Oils for Wellness

Essential oils have been used throughout the world for thousands of years. They benefit both the body and the mind. Remember that the next time you smell the fragrance of a Christmas tree or your grandmother’s peppermint growing in her garden. These are simple ways to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Pure essential oils are undiluted oils from plants. Lucky for us, the benefits are more than simply a pleasant smell. These oils are typically used for massages, candles, baths, and in burners. Essential oils have never been approved to ingest or rub directly on your skin. It is best to discuss using essential oils with your doctor or aromatherapists to figure out which oils will help you the most.

If you have skin problems such as blemishes and fungus, try using tea tree oil. Use a cotton swab to dab the oil onto your skin. You can also use tea tree oil to treat athlete’s foot or other fungal infections. It is also a popular treatment to help with an itchy scalp.

Lavender is a very popular oil that is known for helping with depression because of its relaxing effects. If you need a good night sleep, you can put a few drops of lavender oil on your hands then rub them on your pillow. Lavender oil is also great for skin irritations, cuts, and bruises. It is used a lot in massage oils to help the recipient relax.

Peppermint oil is known to stimulate and purify the mind. It can help you increase your mental alertness. In fact, it has been shown that your mental accuracy is increased by 28% by inhaling pure peppermint oil. By diluting it with water, you can ingest peppermint oil to help with indigestion.

Eucalyptus oil is great for congestion, especially if you suffer from allergies or frequent colds. It is best used in a vaporizer to help loosen the congestion in your chest. They can also help to clear your sinuses and relieves sore muscles when used in massage lotions. Miami Limo is known to use eucalyptus oil in their vehicles to help stimulate the minds of the business people they transport.

Regardless of what you need for your health and mental well-being, there is likely and essential oil that can help you.

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Washing Your Face the Right Way

When you are getting ready for the day, your morning can seem quite rushed. Your morning routine can quickly become another chore, so you tend to find ways to make it go quicker. It could sound like a great idea to use the bar of soap in your shower to wash your face, but this can be a very bad decision to make. It is much better to get up a little earlier to wash your face the right way with a cleanser that is appropriate than to use the bar of soap in your shower.

The pH level of the skin on your face needs to be balanced to help keep the correct acidity and moisture content. You can help reduce breakouts and keep your skin moist by using the correct cleanser. It is best for your skin to prevent bacteria build up and clean your face well, but in doing so, you don’t want to strip the natural moisture content of your skin. Otherwise, you will be more prone to wrinkles and premature aging.

The bar soap you use in your shower is made to get rid of the grime and grease your skin picks up in your daily life, so it has chemicals that are harsh on your skin. With these soaps being so drying, you typically have to apply lotion after using them. When you do this on your face, it disturbs the delicate pH balance.

Have you ever noticed the soap scum that builds up in your shower? This same exact film is being put on your face when you use bar soap to wash. This film can cause skin blemishes and breakouts as it clogs the pores on your face.

There are many cleansers made specifically for your face, whatever your skin type is. You can talk with the experts at your spot to determine which facial cleaner will be best for you. That way, you can make your morning routine both enjoyable and quick.

Maintaining Your Eyebrows

If you have ever had your eyebrows waxed, you know how the day after is bliss. You get out of bed, look at yourself in the near, and see your eyebrows don’t need to be plucked or maintained. This feeling can last for a few days, but you have to start tweezing shortly after. There are some tips to help you keep that beautiful shape, though, and upkeep your eyebrows.

  • Pluck your stray hairs: if you see stray hairs growing over your eye, pluck them to keep the shape after you have had them waxed. Try not to tweeze super close to the arch so you don’t lose the shape of the brow.
  • Pluck the unibrow: keep the area in between your eyebrows well tweeze. You certainly don’t want to grow a unibrow. A lot of people successfully use the pencil trick ensure they remove hair from the correct spot. Pick up a pencil and put it against the side of your nose, then remove any hairs located on the right side of the pencil. Repeat the process on the other side.
  • Use a few products to cheat: if your browser dark, you can keep them in check with a little brow gel. If your browser light, you can give them a little kick by using a makeup pencil. Use it lightly, though, because you don’t want to look like they were drawn on by a child.
  • Make regular appointments for waxing: the growth rate of your hair should determine how frequently you have your eyebrows waxed. Most people tend to have them waxed at least monthly. Come in sooner if your brows begin to look scraggly. It is best to have a professional shape your brows. Of course, you are able to keep them maintained, but never attempt to shape them yourself. Otherwise, you may regret your decision.

It can take a lot of work to keep your brows looking sculpted in crisp. Use the tips you have learned here to help you maintain that waxed look longer. Don’t let your face be ruled by unruly eyebrows.

Giving Your Nails Personality

With spring in full force and some are almost here, it is time to think about your fingernails. Taking care of your hands is very important since they are constantly visible. The details of your nails matters, from their length to the color you apply, so a manicure is imperative to keeping them healthy and beautiful.

A manicure does many things for your fingernails. When you get a manicure, your nails are filed, shaped, treated, and polished, while your hands receive a relaxing massage. There are other nail treatments available such as artificial nail gels, acrylics, and artificial nail tips. You can even request pictures or designs painted onto your nails, or imitation jewels or small decals applied.

The great thing about your fingernails is that you can have them designed and decorated in a way that represents your personality, mood, or the season. In fact, your nails can be designed in almost any way you can imagine. When you have great nails, they can say a lot about the person you are. Your hands and nails are being looked at all the time, in fact probably more than anything else on your body. You use your hands to greet people by shaking their hand or waving hello and goodbye and use them as you work around the office or at home. When people see your nails, you want them to see a statement that represents who you are.

With spring here in summer on the way, it’s time to get your hands and fingernails ready. Colors that are subtle are the trend right now. If you’re wanting to be trendy, you could try white nail polish with flour accents. Or you could put white swirl designs on top of a blue or white pastel shade nail polish. Even a feminine pastel pink can give you a simply elegant look. If you prefer something bolder, though, go for it! It is all about you and your personality.

Rewiring Your Brain for Happiness

Do you know someone who only sees the negative and everything? Someone who can’t see the possibilities in front of them? If so, you know it can be frustrating. They can feel impossible to be around these people. At some point in life, we all feel this way. Did you know you could rewire your brain choose happiness instead, though? Below are five ways to do just that.

  • Express gratitude: make a list of three new things you are grateful for each day. When you acknowledge things that bring you happiness or meaning, you begin seeing the good around you. It’s a cause you to expect the good, causing you to become more optimistic.  I learned this from my friend who trims trees for a living.  His days are long and hard, and sometimes his clients are fussy, but he says no matter what, I am thankful. I love what I do and I get to be outside surrounded by nature. Giving him a shout out  –
  • Write a journal: write down the good and the bad stay. To help you find happiness, make sure you write down at least one positive experience you’ve had in the past 24 hours. Relive the experience and write down a lot of details you can experience it again every time you read it. This can help change your worldview.
  • Get exercise: our health is greatly improved exercise. For happiness, exercise allows you to take control and make a difference in your own life. This is especially good for those who feel like they cannot control their circumstances.
  • Meditate: meditation is important in our fast-paced world because our attention is pulled so many ways. When we meditate, our brain is retrained to focus on a single thing for that moment, helping to take her thoughts off other things. This is a great technique for beginners to try.
  • Practice kindness: when we practice random acts of kindness, it reminds us that there are good people in the world. Our own actions of generosity and show us the good that kindness brings a can help us to trust others more. It can also reduce stress levels.

If you need more happiness in your life, try out the tips above. You will find yourself happier and your life will be more fulfilled.

Dealing with Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps

Both men and women have to deal with the problem of ingrown hairs. For men, it is mostly ingrown hairs on their face in their beards. For women, ingrown hairs are typically a problem after they shave their legs, underarms, or bikini lines. These ingrown hairs form once you shave the hair or remove it otherwise from under the skin surface. The hair will continue to grow but curl over and not exit to the surface. This process causes an ingrown hair to form a bump on the skin, which is also known as a razor bump.

When these curly shaped hairs grow and burrow into the adjacent skin, razor bumps occur. The ends of the hair are sharpened through shaving, making it easier for the hair to grow into the scan. These razor bumps can make shaving impossible since they burn and itch. There have been, up till now, a couple different creams that could help you with this. One is the cortisone cream, but it is unable to be used for a long period of time since it absorbs into the bloodstream and can cause side effects. They are also depilatory creams you can use to remove hairs, but they tend to scar and burn the skin. Neither of these creams is a good solution to the problem.

If you have skin irritation shortly after you shave an area, that is defined as a razor burn. This area looks like a red rash and can give you a burning sensation. They can also swell up and be itchy. Razor burn is most common when men shave their face or women shave their armpits and legs. Razor burn can because by having sensitive skin, dry shaving, using hard soap, or using a dull blade.

Luckily, each of these problems can now be eliminated or helped by Tend Skin. Tend Skin can be purchased at most spas to help eliminate razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and the burning and itching from razor burn. Our clients rave about the effectiveness of Tend Skin. Perhaps it is time for you to give it a try as well.

Stop Touching Your Face!

We all do it throughout the day. Whether we are at work, school, or home, we unconsciously touch our face. It could be to scratch an itch, picking at scars and spots, idly fiddling, or even holding our heads up. In fact, you may be doing it at this moment. So, what’s the problem with touching your face throughout the day? Well, there are several problems with it. We will cover some of them below. Hopefully, once you know why you should not touch your face throughout the day, you will be more conscious of it so you can stop.

  1. Spreading germs: our fingers touch many things throughout the day. We are constantly touching things such as doorknobs, handrails, money, keyboards, and other things that are loaded down with different types of bacteria. When we touch your face with our dirty fingers before we have cleaned off the germs, we could potentially be spreading allergens and viruses all over our skin.
  2. Acne and other conditions of the skin can be made worse: every time you touch your face, you could potentially be spreading the bacteria that grows inside your pores. This clogs up your pores and causes them to erupt. The bacteria can also aggravate eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.
  3. Eye bags can form: when you constantly touch the area around your eye, it decreases the skin’s elasticity and causes broken blood vessels. The skin under your eye is the thinnest area of skin on your entire face. Because of this, the capillaries are more prone to break and leak, making your eyes form purple bags.
  4. You ruin your makeup: this one seems pretty obvious. It is likely the reason your makeup doesn’t last throughout the day. You can spend lots of money on makeup that is supposed to last throughout the day, but if you are constantly touching your face, it will not matter.

As you can see, there are many reasons you should avoid touching your face each day. Though it can be hard to break the habit, it is well worth it.

Pampering Mom for Mother’s Day

In the family, the mom is typically the one that takes care of everyone else. Perhaps you should consider helping her relax and feel pampered this Mother’s Day. A great way to do this is to give her the gift of pampering that she will appreciate.

There’s a good chance that the mom and your family is constantly doing things, even on her days off. Gifting her a massage is a great way to help her decompress and forget about the duties she has at work or home. A deep Swedish massage is a great way to help her relax overall, or a deep tissue massage can help relieve stiffness in her joints and soreness in her muscles.

Perhaps you should consider gifting the mom in your life a rejuvenating facial treatment with a massage. Not only will it stimulate the circulation in her skin, but she will get a gentle massage with her facial that will leave her feeling great. An aesthetician can help determine which mask would be perfect for her skin, regardless if her skin is oily, dry, or sensitive. Dead skin, debris, and oil from your mom’s face can be scrubbed away with an exfoliating scrub to help fight against adult acne and premature aging.

Of course, you don’t want to forget about her hands and feet. It’s likely that your mother spends hours each day on her feet. Whether she is tending to the children, gardening, running around at work, are finishing the housework, her feet and hands work hard each day. You can give mom some overdue spoiling and give her hard-working feet and hands a break by providing her with a manicure and pedicure combo. Your mom can choose the polish she wants to use, whether it’s clear or vibrant, that shows off the best in her feet and her hands.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, make sure you show mom how much you love her by giving her the chance to be pampered.

A Look at Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is a major issue in our culture today. We Americans have become used to being deprived of sleep, though. And studies have shown that around 95% or more Americans no longer know how it feels to be completely awake, alert, and aware.

Many times, we feel exhausted and can’t wait for time to go to bed. As soon as our head hits the pillow, though, we become frustrated. We often find ourselves staring at the clock in the middle of the night as it coldly stares back at us. You’ve probably heard that statistic that people die at a younger age when they sleep less than seven hours a night. Maybe you only got four hours last night. But what can you do?

Well, we’re here to help you with that.

One way to help yourself sleep longer is to hide your clock behind a book. Another is to only drink caffeinated drinks in the morning. Have a time of rest before going to bed rather than staying busy or exercising. Never drink alcohol late at night. If you smoke, it’s a great time to quit. We understand how difficult that can be, but as you learn more about how tobacco affects your sleep, you may be given the incentive you need to quit.

To go to sleep successfully, your body needs to be conditioned. You need to work on the things that help your body fall asleep restfully since sleep rewires and reworks your brain. Did you know by walking 20 to 30 minutes a day, your brain will grow new cells at night? You have to be sleeping for this to happen, though. Your body needs that regeneration to continue to function correctly and to what it needs to do. The sales inside your body are replaced regularly, but when your body is tired, they are not replaced at the rate they need to be. Sleep also helps the proteins that pump to your heart be revitalized.

Are you starting to see the importance of sleep? If so, now is the time to give sleep a chance.

Benefits You Get from a 90-Minute Massage

Did you know that your physical and mental well-being can be profoundly impacted by a single 90-minute massage? An experienced massage therapist can target any problem areas you have in your body, knead out your muscle knots, and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

A 90-minute massage is a great way to help you relieve stress. Studies showed that 75% of doctor visits are stress-related. Stress can also increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes, cause digestive disorders, promotes insomnia, and suppresses the immune system. Since you cannot avoid all stress, you can use a 90-minute massage as a way to reset your mind and body. Massage therapy has been shown to give immediate effects that are beneficial to relieve anxiety and is able to de-escalate anxiety and stress in hospitalized psychiatric patients.

A 90-minute massage is also able to improve blood flow and circulation. As the massage therapist needs out muscle knots, blood flow is encouraged to the affected region. This helps your muscles recover faster and also protects against inflammation and pain. Within minutes of enjoying a massage, the client will experience the benefits of improved circulation.

When it comes to massage therapy, most people agree that 90 minutes is the perfect amount of time. It allows enough time for the therapist to target the problem areas while keeping the visit short enough for the client to fit into their day. It is enough time for the massage therapist to massage the entire body of the client.

If you are ready to schedule your 90-minute massage, you should first talk with your massage therapist to discuss any concerns or issues you have. For instance, if you have stiffness or pain in a particular area, inform your therapist so they can spend time targeting that area. Many times the therapist will find problem areas themselves, but if you inform them of your issues, it will make the massage more enjoyable.