Giving Your Nails Personality

With spring in full force and some are almost here, it is time to think about your fingernails. Taking care of your hands is very important since they are constantly visible. The details of your nails matters, from their length to the color you apply, so a manicure is imperative to keeping them healthy and beautiful.

A manicure does many things for your fingernails. When you get a manicure, your nails are filed, shaped, treated, and polished, while your hands receive a relaxing massage. There are other nail treatments available such as artificial nail gels, acrylics, and artificial nail tips. You can even request pictures or designs painted onto your nails, or imitation jewels or small decals applied.

The great thing about your fingernails is that you can have them designed and decorated in a way that represents your personality, mood, or the season. In fact, your nails can be designed in almost any way you can imagine. When you have great nails, they can say a lot about the person you are. Your hands and nails are being looked at all the time, in fact probably more than anything else on your body. You use your hands to greet people by shaking their hand or waving hello and goodbye and use them as you work around the office or at home. When people see your nails, you want them to see a statement that represents who you are.

With spring here in summer on the way, it’s time to get your hands and fingernails ready. Colors that are subtle are the trend right now. If you’re wanting to be trendy, you could try white nail polish with flour accents. Or you could put white swirl designs on top of a blue or white pastel shade nail polish. Even a feminine pastel pink can give you a simply elegant look. If you prefer something bolder, though, go for it! It is all about you and your personality.