A Look at Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is a major issue in our culture today. We Americans have become used to being deprived of sleep, though. And studies have shown that around 95% or more Americans no longer know how it feels to be completely awake, alert, and aware.

Many times, we feel exhausted and can’t wait for time to go to bed. As soon as our head hits the pillow, though, we become frustrated. We often find ourselves staring at the clock in the middle of the night as it coldly stares back at us. You’ve probably heard that statistic that people die at a younger age when they sleep less than seven hours a night. Maybe you only got four hours last night. But what can you do?

Well, we’re here to help you with that.

One way to help yourself sleep longer is to hide your clock behind a book. Another is to only drink caffeinated drinks in the morning. Have a time of rest before going to bed rather than staying busy or exercising. Never drink alcohol late at night. If you smoke, it’s a great time to quit. We understand how difficult that can be, but as you learn more about how tobacco affects your sleep, you may be given the incentive you need to quit.

To go to sleep successfully, your body needs to be conditioned. You need to work on the things that help your body fall asleep restfully since sleep rewires and reworks your brain. Did you know by walking 20 to 30 minutes a day, your brain will grow new cells at night? You have to be sleeping for this to happen, though. Your body needs that regeneration to continue to function correctly and to what it needs to do. The sales inside your body are replaced regularly, but when your body is tired, they are not replaced at the rate they need to be. Sleep also helps the proteins that pump to your heart be revitalized.

Are you starting to see the importance of sleep? If so, now is the time to give sleep a chance.