Benefits You Get from a 90-Minute Massage

Did you know that your physical and mental well-being can be profoundly impacted by a single 90-minute massage? An experienced massage therapist can target any problem areas you have in your body, knead out your muscle knots, and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

A 90-minute massage is a great way to help you relieve stress. Studies showed that 75% of doctor visits are stress-related. Stress can also increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes, cause digestive disorders, promotes insomnia, and suppresses the immune system. Since you cannot avoid all stress, you can use a 90-minute massage as a way to reset your mind and body. Massage therapy has been shown to give immediate effects that are beneficial to relieve anxiety and is able to de-escalate anxiety and stress in hospitalized psychiatric patients.

A 90-minute massage is also able to improve blood flow and circulation. As the massage therapist needs out muscle knots, blood flow is encouraged to the affected region. This helps your muscles recover faster and also protects against inflammation and pain. Within minutes of enjoying a massage, the client will experience the benefits of improved circulation.

When it comes to massage therapy, most people agree that 90 minutes is the perfect amount of time. It allows enough time for the therapist to target the problem areas while keeping the visit short enough for the client to fit into their day. It is enough time for the massage therapist to massage the entire body of the client.

If you are ready to schedule your 90-minute massage, you should first talk with your massage therapist to discuss any concerns or issues you have. For instance, if you have stiffness or pain in a particular area, inform your therapist so they can spend time targeting that area. Many times the therapist will find problem areas themselves, but if you inform them of your issues, it will make the massage more enjoyable.